Phelps Dodge Engage Solutions – Milestones

Phelps Dodge Engage Solutions – Milestones

Phelps Dodge Engage Solutions™ is strategically designed to offer to all relevant industries value engineering solutions – from design, supply, training, up to performance monitoring of wiring and cabling systems.

Banking on its unmatched global expertise, Phelps Dodge Engage Solutions™ answer the industry’s call for a competent provider that can deliver products, technology, and services through one integrated solution.
Four Key Solutions

  1. Engage – Supply
  2. Engage – Training
  3. Engage – Service
  4. Engage – Performance

Apart from innovatively weaving an intelligent client-service process, this system promises to deliver significant engineering advantages in various industries ranging from energy, construction, industrial, communication, and specialty industries.

Engage now and dare to change the game.


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