Love Your Home – Long Term Investments For A Durable And Stress Free Home

The pandemic has changed our view on the importance of having a roof above our heads. Your home should guarantee a place of rest and peace of mind at the end of a stressful day. Your home should give you the feeling of comfort, safety, security and peace of mind should come first. However, a property that requires a lot of repairs, issues and structural problems will not only give you mental stress but monetary hardships as well. Your home is your investment, for you and your family. One of the ways to guarantee a durable forever home is to use long lasting materials for your property. One of the major components of your home is the wires and cables that surround your household.

About 78% of your home is covered by wires/cables. Wires and cables are responsible in the even distribution of electricity throughout your house, and is a useful part of our home; but it can also be gravely hazardous to you and your household. Electricity is essential in our homes. But it can also bring harm to you and your family. Since these wires and cables are hidden behind our walls, ceilings and flooring, there is a greater risk of these hazards that are not detected early enough.

That’s why it’s important to know the basics of home wiring and why it’s important to invest in a home that is wired safe with high quality wires and cables.

About 53.85% of fires in Metro Manila are due to electrical connection issues. Most of these fires are due to electrical ignition caused by arcing, loose connection, overloading, pinched wire, and/or overheated home appliances.

When it comes to wiring one of the most important things to consider is the capacity of the wires to carry electricity around your home. It must be able to withstand extreme weather and self-extinguish once the source of the fire is removed. It should also be durable! Our homes are made to last for generations, and so should the wires.

Let us show you an example of why you should pursue a lifetime investment for your home.

If you love your family, you should also love your home. Knowing the difference of the use of wires, quality and durability is important. For Phelps Dodge, Safety and Quality is the most important criteria.

Compared to the other wires and cables brands, Phelps Dodge doesn’t just offer wires and cables that pass local testing. We ensure that our products pass international standards that ensure excellent product performance and quality. We have received accreditations and certificates from various local and international testing organizations such as Universal Laboratories, ISO, BPS (Bureau of Philippine Standards), Powerlab Limited, KEMA and TUV.

Now that you have discovered Phelps Dodge as the product with the highest quality and globally recognized reliability, here are the things you need to know when choosing the right wires for your home.

  1. What size of wire do I need? There are two answers to this question: conductor size (gauge) and length.
  2. How flexible should the wires be? There are three levels – Solid Core, Coarsely-stranded, and Finely Stranded Wires.
  3. What is the best type of wire insulation? This will depend on the type of insulation your wires need depending on the voltage, environmental considerations, regulatory considerations, abrasion resistance, coating
  4. Do the colors of the wire matter? The use of different colors can serve as “labels”
  5. What should I use? Copper or Special alloy? It will mainly depend on the project and use of the wires. For homes, only copper conductors should be used since there are no available dual rated connectors and terminals for special alloy circuit sized aluminum wires available in the market.

Now, are you ready to equip your forever home? Investing in a more durable and long lasting home is better than having to spend when issues, repairs and maintenance happens without sufficient preparation.

Seeking for professional help? There is no substitute for peace of mind when it comes to choosing the right products for your home. Contact us today and get a free quotation from our sales specialists!


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