How To Make Your Home Cooler This Summer

Summer has officially begun and it’s the perfect season for vacations trips and activities. Going to parks, beaches and popular destinations is popular during the summer season. Although this season brings joy, relaxation, and an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, summer keeps getting hotter. This is due to the sun hitting the earth at a steep angle making it hotter for us. Furthermore, greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, etc.) in our atmosphere traps the sun’s heat in the Earth’s Atmosphere. The very high heat index brings with it, high utilization of air-conditioners, electric fans, and other cooling appliances, resulting in higher electricity bills.

Here are some ways you can cool your homes, save electricity and be kind to the environment:

Block The Heat But Not The Light

There are ways you can block the heat from entering your homes while taking advantage of the light that the sun gives. Stopping the heat from entering your homes means spending less electricity on electric fans and air conditioning thus lowering your expenses. Taking advantage of the sunlight also gives you a chance to save electrical costs on your lighting.

Applying shades to your windows with the use of curtains, blinds or outdoor window shades can help reduce the heat that enters your home without taking away the light it provides. Another way to block the heat but not the light in an environmentally friendly manner is to put plants in front of your windows. This reduces the heat since the plants consume carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas). It also improves the indoor/outdoor look of your home.

Proper Placement Of Electric Fans

Sometimes electric fans seem to only circulate the hot air inside your home instead of cooling it. Place your fans in a slightly high position and setting them to move counterclockwise to create a cooling effect. Setting the fans at a high fan speed will also produce cooler air. Although this will consume more electricity, it would be more effective in cooling a room.

Practice Proper Ventilation

Opening the right windows and doors will distribute the air inside your home. Staying cool is not just about cooling the air inside your home it’s also about maintaining your body temperature at a cool, safe, and comfortable level. Choose clothing that is composed of breathable cotton that helps cool your body.

Air Conditioning

There will be one point in your summer when you just want to turn on the air conditioner and relax in the cold air. When you use your air conditioner, remember to set the thermostat between 24-27oC. These temperatures can help reduce the electric consumption of your air conditioner.

Properly Close Doors And Seal Gaps

If you want to maintain the cool air inside a room, ensure that it is trapped by properly closing doors and sealing the gaps where the cool air might escape the room.

Check Your Lightbulbs; It Might Be Time To Change Them.

Incandescent and halogen light bulbs produce light through heat, about 90% of the energy consumed is wasted to produce heat. To reduce the heat from these types of bulbs, use a lower watt bulb (60) or change them with fluorescent light bulbs. With these practices, you will be able to help ease the heat inside your home.

But remember it is not only you who is experiencing the heat. Your wires feel the heat too! Your wires need to function well in this superheated environment every day. Although the heat does not affect the copper/aluminum conductors in the wiring, it does affect the plastic insulation and jacket.Phelps Dodge’s THHN/THWN-2 wires and cables are insulated with a Special PVC formulation that makes them more flame retardant and able to withstand higher heat temperatures than ordinary THHN Cables. Our THHN THWN-2 wires are also lead free, which makes it “environmentally friendly”. Your home should be ready for any type of weather, and any type of extreme climate changes. Invest in your home. Do not settle for cheap wire. Use durable, efficient, credible, and effective Phelps Dodge Wires and Cables!
If you’re wondering whether or not your wires can still function well even during the very hot summer season, call your electrician and have them check the wires of your home. Are you planning to re-wire, renovate or improve your home? Contact us Ka-Phelps. We are one with you in Creating a Safer Tomorrow!

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