THHN/THWN-2 wire

THHN/THWN-2 wire


Solid or stranded copper conductors, PVC-insulated, nylon-jacketed rated at temperature of 90oC for both dry and wet applications.


  • Moisture & heat resistant, flame retardant, for dry and wet applications
  • Voltage/Maximum operating temperature: 600 V/90oC.
  • Full-size range can be installed in conduits
  • Cable Tray Rated for 50mm2 and bigger sizes


  • 1.6 – 3.2mm solid
  • 2.0mm² – 38mm² (14AWG – 1AWG) stranded for Conduit
  • 50mm² – 500mm² (1/0 to 1000MCM) stranded for Conduit or Cable Tray


  • BPS LICENSE Q-0054
  • UL FILE NO. E-54448
  • AWM UL FILE NO. E-113306