Metal-Clad (MC) Cables Building Wires

Metal-Clad (MC) Cables Building Wires

Metal-Clad (MC) Cables Building Wires


For service entrance and feeders, power lighting, and signal circuits


  • Without Jacket:
  • For service entrance and feeders
  • For power lighting and signal circuits
  • Indoors
  • Where exposed or concealed
  • In cable tray
  • In dry locations and embedded plaster finish on brick or other masonry except in damp or wet conditions
  • With Overall Jacket
  • Outdoors
  • In wet locations
  • Direct burial
  • Encased in concrete


  • Labor savings
  • Retrofit
  • PVC jacket


  • Easy to install; All-in-one factory assembled prefab cable which results in reduced installation time up to 30%
  • Strong, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy armor protects conductors from damage during installation
  • Rodent and termite resistant due to its aluminum armor
  • Not limited to four of 90° bend rule which eliminates the need for pull boxes
    1. Higher flexibility compared to conduits for cramped or small spaces
    2. Eliminates the need for pull boxes
  • Aesthetically clean-looking installed appearance; no need to paint since Aluminum armor is corrosion resistant
  • Factory-tested Engineered Product
  • Eliminates the need for expensive tools such as pipe cutter, threader, and bender due to its built-in Al strip armouring