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The main island of Luzon has not even begun recovering from Super Typhoon Rolly (Goni) and the COVID-19 pandemic when Typhoon Ulysses (Vamco), ravaged the area causing massive floods in several provinces and in the central part of Luzon. The catastrophe affected over 4.8 million people across 7,197 barangays from eight (8) regions including the National Capital Region.
On October 2020 until November 2020, over 92,000 displaced individuals were staying in evacuation centers as the typhoon damaged 144,452 houses of which 13.5% were totally destroyed. Despite the relief operations and programs initiated by the government, non-government institutions and the civil society, additional support was needed to reach all the families affected. Habitat for Humanity Philippines (HFHP) , in partnership with the local government units, charitable organizations and individuals aim to support the long-term recovery through safe and decent shelter and enable the vulnerable families and communities to thrive and be ready for future disasters. This is under HFHP’s Project called Resilient, Inclusive, Sustainable and Empowered (RISE) Communities Program Learn more about HFHP: In December 2020, Phelps Dodge Philippines Energy Products Corporation, entered into an agreement with Habitat for Humanity Philippines in support of the Super Typhoon Rolly (Goni) and Typhoon Ulysses (Vamco) Disaster Response Projects where hygiene kits were distributed to families devastated by the two recent calamities. A total of PhP1,771,370.00 was donated by Phelps Dodge Philippines, equivalent to 200 Hygiene and Sanitation Kits that were allocated to identified beneficiary families in Bicol, and in Cagayan – North Luzon.

Each kit amounts to P8,857 or $179 and contains the following: 1 pc water container - 10 pcs bath soap - 3 pcs laundry soap 6 - pcs toothbrush - 2 tubes toothpaste - 2 pcs nail cutter - 2 packs sanitary pads - 12 pcs underwear (male & female) - 1 pc bath towel - 1 bottle shampoo - 1 pc plastic dipper - 2 pcs water bucket with cover - 2 bottles insect repellant - 50 pcs face mask (disposable) - 5 pcs face shield - 2 bottles alcohol - 2 bottles disinfectant Habitat for Humanity did not only give out sanitary kits with the help of Phelps Dodge Philippines. They also implemented Hygiene Promotion through their IEC or Implementation, Education and Communication Program. This Program aims to support the transition of the affected communities into the new normal living standards and adapt to the new protocols. This Program was able to carry out an Information Session that highlighted proper hygiene practices. This program also came with 10 pedal-operated handwashing stations serving at least 1,818 households, and the orientation of at least 100 community leaders on the operation and maintenance of the handwashing facility. This serves to help the community maintain the hygiene, safety and health standard set by the program. Overall, the partnership between HFHP and PDP helped over 2 Regions, 2 Cities, 16 Communities, 200 Families, and over 1,000 Individuals. Phelps Dodge Philippines in Partnership with Habitat for Humanity Philippines will continue in helping Filipinos as we work #TogetherinCreatingASaferTomorrow.
Posted: Oct 28, 2021
Wired Safe by PD! Anong Kuwentong Wiring Mo? Bayson Family’s Story of Safety and Success Throughout the Years.
“Sariling tahanan. ‘Yan ang pangarap ng bawat isa sa atin.”Everyone has different dreams, whether grand or small – a successful career, a fabulous lifestyle, travel goals, financial stability. But as Filipinos, we always crave for a peaceful and cozy home, where we can enjoy peace and safety with our loved ones.The Bayson family is a real-life example of the realization of this dream.Here is their story…Mrs. Lorie Bayson is a humble wife and mother - hard working, and loving. She married Mr. Teodoro Bayson in 1972 and were blessed with six children. Mrs. Bayson sells vegetables and fruits in a market in Alabang. With her earnings, the Baysons were able to save enough money finally build their dream house and provide good education for their children. Despite their tight budget, they made sure their humble home is a safe place to enjoy with their family.This is why the Baysons chose a top-quality, safe and long-lasting wire for their home – Phelps Dodge TW wires.As the years passed, their children eventually raised their own families. Over those years,the couple’s home have gone through several repairs and renovations except for the electric wires they have used since.Finally, after more than 40 years, the Baysons decided to replace the electrical wiring of their home. Again, they chose Phelps Dodge wires. As Mrs. Bayson said: “Kahit maliit ang aming pera, iniisip ko na makabili ng mga materyales na matibay at orihinal, nang hanggang sa ngayon ay aming magamit.”40 Years in Service – Guaranteed to Last for 40 Years MoreWe at Phelps Dodge were also curious as to the condition of the PD wires installed and used continuously for over 40 years.The old TW wires retrieved from the Bayson’s home were tested in our plant facility in Tarlac.Several tests were conducted on the wires by a team of engineers headed by Engr. Emmanuel Caguitla. The diameter test revealed that the nominal diameter of the old wires is 2.0 which is more than the standard diameter for wires. The electrical resistance test revealed a total value of 5.137 which is lower than the maximum standard. The tensile strength of the insulation test revealed an actual value of 1.59 which is higher than the minimum standard. Lastly, the flame test revealed that after exposure to fire in the laboratory, the wires were still flame retardant.  The TW wires still passed all the tests with flying colors, even after over 40 years of use.With these results and the physical condition of the wires, Engr. Caguitla said that the wires are guaranteed to even last for another 40 years.Keep your homes secure now.Choose to invest in products that you can trust to last for decades. Build a home where your family can stay safe and create happy and worry-free memories together.
Posted: Jul 01, 2021
Wired Safe by PD! A Fire Prevention Month Awareness Exclusive Live Stream
Most of us are probably aware that Fire Prevention Month is celebrated every March. We see it everywhere – in social media pages, articles, news and advertisements. But are we really aware about the importance of this celebration?Romeo M. Maltezo Jr., Senior Superintendent and Acting Director of Directory for Fire Safety Enforcement of the Bureau of Fire Protection National Headquarters, explained the importance of this awareness campaign through an exclusive FB live stream in Phelps Dodge’s FB page with our Senior Sales Specialist, Gilbert Dupitas.What is Fire Prevention Month?Fire Prevention Month wants to raise the awareness of our fellow Filipinos about fire safety. Former President Ferdinand E. Marcos signed the Proclamation No. 115-A in 1966 to celebrate Fire Prevention Month at the start of the hot season in the Philippines. What is the Major Cause of Fire in the Philippines?According to the Bureau of Fire Protection’s data, the most common cause of fire in the Philippines is electrical connection hazards. Most Filipinos have the habit of using octopus connections, where a single outlet or extension is used for almost all of the appliances and gadgets in the household. Electrical connections are designed to cater to a specific electrical load, and overloading these connections is a potential fire hazard.How to Prevent Fires in Your Household:Avoid using octopus connections. Overloading electrical outlets can cause short circuits which in turn can ignite fires.Dispose cigarette butts properly. Most cigarette users smoke inside their homes; leaving cigarette butts in unlikely places like the bedroom. Put ashtrays in areas where you are most likely to smoke.Avoid leaving open flames like candles and burners unattended. Never use open fires near flammable materials.
What to Consider in Choosing Electrical Wires for Your Homes?Make sure that the wires installed in your homes comply with the Philippine Electrical Code where the correct number and sizes of wires to be used is indicated. Always consult a licensed electrical practitioner who can design and identify the appropriate wire connections in your homes before installation.What is the Importance of Fire Safety?As Sir Romeo said, “’Di bale nang manakawan ka ng sampung beses, wag ka lang masunugan.” It is more important to have a house to return to. Fixtures can be replaced easier than the house itself. It is also important to ensure the safety of our loved ones from fires by being cautious.This year, the Bureau of Fire Protection is again encouraging everyone to participate and practice fire safety awareness with the theme “Sa pag-iwas sa sunog, hindi ka nag-iisa.” No one is alone in keeping our homes, workplaces and our community safe. We can have a better future where our investments are protected against fires. How can Phelps Dodge Help YouDid you know that Phelps Dodge offers THHN/THWN-2 wire that is trusted in quality, durability and safety?Our THHN/THWN-2 wire is flame retardant. In case of a fire, once the fire source is removed/gone, flame retardant wires self-extinguish in a matter of seconds.We tested our THHN/THWN-2 by exposing the wire to open fire for 15 seconds, the standard used in flame tests. After removing the fire source, our THHN/THWN-2 wire ceased to burn after a second!Are you aware which brand and type of wire is installed in your house? If not, contact your licensed electrical practitioner now to check. Don’t compromise your safety. Make sure that your home is “Wired safe by PD!”
Posted: Apr 22, 2021
Be Electrically Safe during a Flood!
The Philippines is devastated by a number of horrendous typhoons every year. In fact, we name storms from A to Z throughout the course of only a year. Floods are inevitable and are one of the enemies of our electrical appliances and our safety.  Here are some electrical tips to keep us safe before and during a flood:
Ensure all your breakers or fuse boxes are properly marked and labeled according to the corresponding area/circuits of your home to avoid turning on/off the wrong area/circuit.Make sure all members of the household know the location of the main breaker or fuse box and their corresponding area/circuits labels or markings in case someone is alone when flood happens.Prepare your emergency kit (flashlight, whistle, first aid kit, and emergency food & water) and put it inside a waterproof container or sealed plastic bag. Make sure it’s easily accessible and all members of the household know where it is located.Do not touch the circuit breaker or replace a fuse with wet hands or while standing on a wet surface to avoid electrocution.Unplug and move all electrical appliances to a safe elevated area before the flood enters your home to avoid short circuits.When the flood enters your home, switch off the main circuit breaker or fuse box and put a big sign “DO NOT SWITCH ON.” Inform all household members to avoid accidents.
Electrical dangers do not end after a flood. Always remember the following:Do NOT switch the main breaker back on. Consult a certified electrician first to know when it is safe to do so. Share this to ALL household members. Call a certified electrician or engineer to check the condition of the electrical wiring of your home. Electrical wirings or devices may require replacement depending on the condition or the extent of the damage. Do NOT use appliances that are affected by floodwater. Call a certified appliance technician first to check all affected appliances. Always wear a Personal Protective Equipment (rubber boots, rubber gloves, goggles, etc.) during clean up especially when working near electrical supplies.
Harm happens less to those who practice safety, a friendly reminder from Phelps Dodge, the leading electric wire and cable manufacturer in the Philippines.
Posted: Dec 07, 2020
A special feature of Phelps Dodge Philippines on PRTV Season 17
Posted: Dec 18, 2019
During the IIEE conference and exhibition at SMX Manila, Mercedes S. Del Rosario, Sales and Marketing Vice President of Phelps Dodge, one of the largest manufacturer of cables and wires in the Philippines talks to GineersNow TV about their latest electrical wire technologies, cable product innovations and the construction industry.
Posted: Dec 06, 2018