My Safety My Responsibility: Top Cause Of Fires In The Philippines - Faulty Electrical Connections


In a radio interview, BFP spokesperson Supt. Annalee Carbajal-Atienza said a total of 2,103 fire incidents were recorded in January and February, an increase of 12.9 percent from only 1,863 incidents in the same period in 2021.

Electrical safety is not just about simple precautionary measures, understanding the cause and root is integral in stopping the continuous damage it produces. The major causes of Fire Incidents in the Philippines are:

Faulty Electrical Connections / Electrical Overloading

The usual causes of Fires due to electrical faults are Old Wiring, Improper Connections, and Poor/Damaged Wire Quality. Electrical Overloading occurs when the current being passed through the wires exceed the capacity limit the wires can handle; this can heat up the wires and melt, leading to fire.

Unattended Cooking / Candles

Never leave an open stove or lit candle unattended. Unlike other causes, unattended cooking/candles involves the presence of active fire. Leaving it unattended can lead to serious accidents. Cooking is usually associated with Gas. We know that Fire and Gas, if not controlled properly, is not a good

Cigarette Butts

Dispose your cigarette butts properly. Make sure there is no active ember when you throw it in the trash. Most of our trash cans are made up of plastic and paper, which are both flammable. Another solution to this is to quit smoking entirely.

Flammable Chemicals

Solvents, cleaning agents, thinners, adhesives, paints and other liquids can ignite and explode if not stored properly. Make sure to always store flammable liquids in their approved containers. Seal them properly and place them in the proper location with the moderate temperature indicated in its packaging.

Electrical Connections and Electrical Faults have been the top cause of fires in Metro Manila with an average of 53.85% of the total number of fires yearly. What are the general causes of Electrical fires?

  • Use of substandard materials
  • Wrong Installation Practices
  • Malpractice in actual use
  • Improper maintenance Practices

As your partner in electrical safety, Phelps Dodge ensures that you meet the fire performance requirements of any project such as:

Flame retardance (ability of the wire / cable to function in the presence of fire)

Flame propagation (ability of the wire / cable to minimize the spread of fire)

Volume of smoke generated (the amount of smoke the wire produces in the presence of fire)

Volume and rate of corrosive and toxic gases. (if there are hazardous chemicals used in the wire / cable – Phelps Dodge THHN/THWN-2 Wires are lead free!)

Phelps Dodge remains as the leading local manufacturer of fire performance wires and cables in the Philippines, these fire performance innovations include:

Fire rated Low Smoke Halogen Free Cable

Continuously illuminate emergency exits and provide power to emergency and life support equipment to aid in the evacuation during fire for at least 3 hours.

Low Smoke Halogen Free Building Wires

ContinuouslyFire retardant property, produces less and colorless smoke which lessens the risk of smoke inhalation or suffocation during fire.


50mm2 – 500mm2 are equipped with superior flame retardant capabilities suitable for cable tray installations.Passed the vertical flame tray tests by Underwriters Laboratories


  • Low to No Fire retardant property
  • Inconsistent Insulation capabilities
  • Brittle

Installation Trainings


Inspection and Thermal scanning

We at Phelps Dodge help engineers in their professional performance to advocate outstanding installation practices by providing them with:

We are with you in changing the way people act and respond when it comes to safety. Let’s push the boundaries of Fire Safety practice in the Philippines.

Are you in the point of thinking or considering when you should rewire your home? Here are some questions for you to answer and decide whether or not it’s time for you to rewire your home.

  • Is your residence/property more than 20 years old?
  • Do you often experience flickering lights?
  • Do fuses blow up regularly? Or do circuit breakers trip regularly?
  • Do you detect a burning smell, especially near your power outlets or switches?
  • Are you relying more and more on extension cords for your daily electricity usage?
  • Are you currently doing a home improvement/renovation?

If your answer is YES to most of these questions, then it’s time to check your wiring and cables systems to prevent accidents that will surely endanger you and damage your property.

To ensure a more durable, safe, and happy home, always choose electrical wires and cables that conform to both local and international standards that offer high quality and performance that stands the test of time. Choose Phelps Dodge Wires and Cables, Your partner in Creating a Safer Tomorrow.

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