Phelps Dodge Engage Solutions® is strategically designed to offer to all relevant industries value engineering solutions – from design, supply, training, up to performance monitoring of wiring and cabling systems.

Total Solution for Total Engineering Advantage

  • The vision of Phelps Dodge Engage Solutions is not only aimed to address the client’s engineering requirements but also to streamline the process without sacrificing safety, performance and reliability.
  • PD Engage is made possible through collaboration with its carefully chosen partners - designers, electrical contractors and maintenance providers who can work with PD to deliver an integrated solution to clients.
  • By unifying its needs for products and capabilities into an all-inclusive solution, clients can save time, minimize operational/construction problems, accelerate delivery, reduce costs and maximize resources. Clients also have the option of choosing which of the solutions would be most useful to them, without necessarily availing of the total package.


PDP carriers a vast portfolio of superior quality wire and cable products that are globally-recognized and industry-certified. Upon request, PD Engage can also supply carefully chosen electrical supplies and accessories that will enable the completion of a total electrical system


  • In collaboration with its partners, PDP can include in its solutions package: cable design and even electrical system design.
  • Or, PD Engage can also help its customers if they need installation services. With its partner electrical contractors, and following an approved engineering design, a team of senior engineers and technical experts are deployed to install the products onsite.


  • An integral part of the total solutions offering is the intensive seminars and on-site pre-installation trainings which PDP can provide to those who avail of its pioneering product offering like Aluminum Building Wire.
  • Virtual plant tours and visits to Phelps Dodge’s facilities are also initiated to boost the client’s knowledge on the technical aspects of Phelps Dodge’s products.


To ensure faultless wiring, especially for its new products, PD closely monitors the infrastructure’s wiring after delivery through regular site audit, technical visits and thermal scanning.
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