Low Smoke, Halogen Free (LSHF) Cable

Installed in highly congested and critical areas to prevent smoke suffocation in cases of fire

Recommended Application

  • High-rise buildings
  • Hospitals, call center buildings, and other heavily populated institutions or establishments.
  • Historic buildings
  • Tunnels and subways
  • Airports, stadiums, cinemas, casinos, hotels, banks, etc.
  • Industrial plants
  • Other areas where cables are exposed


  • Low and colorless smoke emission in case of fire
  • No acid and corrosive burning gases emission
  • Low toxicity of burning gases emission

Advantages of Low-Smoke Halogen-free Cables

  • LSHF wire and cable produces less smoke when burned, which permits people to exit a fire burning building more quickly and results in less soot damage to electronic equipment located near the fire.
  • Because LSHF release little or no halogen gas when burned, it reduces the damage to the human respiratory system if inhaled.
  • LSHF jackets have lower coefficient of friction than some non-LSHF jackets, which can make installation easier.
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