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In 1955, when the Philippines was experiencing economic prosperity, two separate companies with one common goal forged ties with each other. Andres Soriano Corporation (ANSCOR) and Phelps Dodge, based in the USA, had one shared vision: to provide the highest quality standards in electric wire and cable products.

Together, they formed Phelps Dodge Philippines, Inc.

Over the years, this shared goal transformed into a way of life both companies believe in and follow. A tradition of uncompromising quality, and a culture of innovation give Phelps Dodge Phil. an edge in serving customers: top-grade and world-class solutions that provide protection for decades.

Sixty years later, Phelps Dodge Phil. and ANSCOR carries on this commitment to people, and customers, continually building strong relationships, facilitating communication and information, and powering up the nation.

PDP Milestones

A merger between ANSCOR and PDIC forms Phelps Dodge Philippines (PDP).
The country’s dependence on imported rods ends when PDP acquires its own mill and starts manufacturing 8mm rods from wire bars.
PDP begins a long-term partnership with the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT).
PDP is the first manufacturer to locally produce 795 MCM Condor aluminum wires used by the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR).
PDP starts manufacturing aluminum magnet wires and acquires key production equipment, bringing it to the forefront of the industry: the Maillefer PM-11 Tandem Extruder Line and the Maillefer PM-12 Extrusion Line, the only one of each of its kind in the country.
Through the operations of its Outokumpu Continuous Cast Rod plant, PDP acquires the capability to make copper rods from cathodes.
PDP starts exporting copper rods to Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.
Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) approves PDP building wires, making it the only wire and cable company with UL approval in the country.
PDP starts exporting its building wires globally.
The first Foam-Skin Filled (FSF) Telephone Cables are produced by PDP for PLDT.
PDP produces the first and only dry-cured, high-quality power cables up to 35 KV.
PDP became the first local electric wire and cable company to earn its ISO 9001 Certification, raising the bar for the local industry.
PDP establishes Phelps Dodge Philippines Energy Products Corporation (PDE) to consolidate all the manufacturing operations of the various entities under PDP and provide focus to its growing manufacturing activities. The operation of the plant was relocated from Mandaluyong City to Tarlac.
PDP introduces a global first; the revolutionary building wire harness.
PDP introduces to the local power utilities the bipolar anti-theft cables which help eliminate power pilferage, thus reducing system losses. This product was developed by PDP’s affiliates in South America and is being used by South American power utilities.
PDP reformulated all its THHN/THWN building wires to be lead-free wires.
PDP celebrates 50 years and introduces lead-free cable tray rated building wires, enabling up to 30% savings on wire installations.
Low-smoke halogen-free cables are produced at the PDP plant and introduced to the industrial and commercial sector.
General Cable became the majority owner of Phelps Dodge Philippines after Andres Soriano Corp. (ANSCOR) sold some of its shares to General Cable.
PDP launches Alumilite™; an aluminum alloy building wire with slippery additive (Flexiglide™) to meet the needs of its clients.
PDP starts producing fire-rated cables which continuously conduct electricity in a fire up to at least three hours.

First in the country to introduce THHN/THWN-2 building wire that is moisture and heat resistant, flame retardant, and suitable for 90C wet and dry applications.
PDP introduces its own busway system called Versaduct™ to the general market for various applications in electrical distribution.
PDP became the first company to produce and offer metal-clad (MC) Cables with either copper or aluminum 8000 series conductor in the Philippines.

PDP also introduces its PD Engage Program which aims to address the client’s engineering requirements and to streamline the process without sacrificing safety, performance and reliability.
PDP became 100% locally owned by Andres Soriano Corp. (ANSCOR) but still maintains technical and exclusive distribution agreement with General Cable.
PDP starts to locally manufacture branch cables. This is a pre-fabricated cable solution that is cost effective alternative to conventional cables or bus ducts.

Corporate Statement

  • To offer high quality products and services; provide efficient, cost effective, and on-time delivery according to what our customers need
  • To continue introducing innovative products and services, whether manufactured by us or procured outside.
  • To expand not only nationally but also internationally.
In 1955, when the Philippines was experiencing economic prosperity, two separate companies with one common goal forged ties with each other. Andres Soriano Corporation (ANSCOR) and Phelps Dodge, based in the USA, had one shared vision: to provide the highest quality standards in electric wire and cable products.

Together, they formed Phelps Dodge Philippines, Inc.

Over the years, this shared goal transformed into a way of life both companies believe in and follow. A tradition of uncompromising quality, and a culture of innovation give Phelps Dodge Phil. an edge in serving customers: top-grade and world-class solutions that provide protection for decades.

Sixty years later, Phelps Dodge Phil. and ANSCOR carries on this commitment to people, and customers, continually building strong relationships, facilitating communication and information, and powering up the nation.
Corporate Values
Customer Focus

We always strive to determine the needs of our customers and seek to provide solutions in answer to these needs.

We determine our customers’ needs by continuously interacting with our customers through business reviews with our partners (dealers, contractors, etc.), client and store visits, surveys and field audits.

We respond to our customers’ needs through teamwork and constant coordination. We do this through our daily coordination meetings, after sales service activities, accommodations of special requests for product specifications, introduction of new products and product enhancements and special delivery arrangements.

We always strive to please our customers for they are the primary reason for PD’s being.


We approach each success and shortcomings as a team.

The success of our organization is because of the collective contribution of each Team and its members. Every little contribution counts and matters. Likewise, every problem or issue we encounter, we face as a Team. We do not linger on the problem but rather focus on how to solve it and use it to further improve ourselves.

Our Management team adopts an ‘open door’ policy, where anyone and everyone can approach any leader to voice his/her concern without fear or doubt.We believe that when each one of us works together PD will be a company like no other.


We believe in having profit with honor.

The way we conduct business is always based on the tenet of fairness and honesty. This is also our conduct when dealing with our employees, our partners.

The products that we produce always adhere to the highest standards of quality and we stay true to that in all instances.


We take safety seriously; it is our way of life in Phelps Dodge.

Our procedures, processes, and working environment are all designed for Safety.

We also encourage Safety to the family members of our employees.

We believe in Safety beyond our Company.

Continuous Improvement

As an organization, we recognize the need to continually improve our products, processes, and our people.

We are cognizant of the fact that it is only through continuous improvement that we can remain the market leader in our industry. Our desire to continually improve prompts us to always not take things for granted and view any opportunity as a learning experience that can be used to further innovate ourselves.

We continuously improve to provide better services and products to all stakeholders.

Sense of Ownership

As a company, we strive for excellence not only because we love our work but more so because we have a sense of ownership over our work.

Our sense of ownership in everything that we do in Phelps Dodge ensures that we always decide what is best for the Company. We view Phelps Dodge not only as an organization we work for, but a family that we have to take care of.

This sense of ownership can be seen in how we show concern on our delivery performance more than the customers, can be seen on our concern on the welfare of our associates, and can be seen on how we always strive to reach, if not exceed, our commitments.

One key to our success is our sense of ownership.

Corporate Commitments
As a company, we are guided by corporate principles and dedicated to specific goals. These are defined by the values we hold and the specific mission that we have taken on to realize our common vision for the future of our company and our country.
The Commitment to Quality
Phelps Dodge Energy Products Corporation continually strives for product excellence; to produce wires and cables that meet world-class standards. PDE complies with strict quality and performance measures and continuously search for new ways to improve our systems and adapt to new technologies. Our production uses only the finest raw materials and the latest technology to ensure consistently high-quality output. With our dedicated Quality Assurance team that continuously keeps a close eye on in-line testing at every stage of manufacturing, we ensure that our product and service quality is maintained at every step of production, up to shipping and distribution. As a mark of our integrity and credibility, we also secured the accuracy of our test and procedures through our cutting-edge ISO 17025 Certified Quality Assurance Laboratories.

Because of this dedication to high quality, our products have received approval from various international certifying bodies:

  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
  • Underwriter's Laboratories (UL)
  • Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)
  • Bureau of Product Standards (BPS)
  • National Electrical Manufacturer's Association-Insulated Cable Engineer's Association (NEMA-ICEA)
  • Rural Electrification Administration (REA)
  • International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
  • Australian Standard (AS)
  • KEMA for Medium Voltage Power Cables
  • Powerlab for Multi-core MV Cables
  • TUV for Fire Rated Cables

PDP also has the distinction of being the only Philippine manufacturer of wires and cables with five products approved by Underwriter's Laboratories:
  • Thermoplastic insulated wires (THHN/THWN-THW and TW building wires, including cable tray rated wires and aluminum Building wires) under UL File No. E-54448
  • Machine tool wires MTW under E-113307
  • Magnet wires under E-142257
  • Appliance wiring materials under E-113306
  • Metal Clad cables under E-486567

We have not only excelled in product quality, we were also the first local wire and cable company to secure an ISO 9001 certification which is a testament to the excellent quality management system of Phelps Dodge as a corporation.
The Commitment to Safety
At Phelps Dodge Philippines Energy Products Corporation, the health, safety, and well-being of our employees and their families are essential. For this reason, the company has in place a long-standing initiative with two objectives: To eliminate workplace injuries and occupational illnesses and to influence employees’ behavior so that safety becomes a way of life both on and off the job.

It is the job of everyone in the team to create a work environment that eliminates occupational health and safety hazards wherever possible. If hazards cannot be eliminated, we work together to ensure that they are effectively controlled.

We believe that occupational health and safety can and must be integrated with our efforts to produce high-quality products at competitive prices. We are dedicated to make occupational health and safety a primary value that drives performance, to hold every employee accountable to a superior level of occupational health and safety performance at their workplaces, and to provide the practices, tools, and resources needed to achieve our occupational health and safety objectives. As a testament to this, PDE secured OHSAS 18001 Certification.

With our occupational health and safety initiative called “Zero and Beyond,” we as a team expect to strive for zero workplace injuries and occupational illnesses. We also encourage everyone to be constant models and champions of safety, not just in the workplace but also for their families and communities.

We at PDE value safety as a part of our everyday business, a standard to which every employee must adhere and live by. Our company is built on reliability and safety, and we expect no less from ourselves in the workplace.
The Commitment to Environment
We value safety as a part of our everyday business; a standard Phelps Dodge Philippines Energy Products Corporation recognizes and supports the global effort towards saving our world. As responsible corporate citizens, we strive to do everything in our power to work within worldwide standards to ensure our products are safe for both man and the environment.

We are certified with ISO 14001, which establishes our strong commitment to environmental compliance and responsibility. Our products are ROHS-compliant, which means they are free of key hazardous materials, lead free and environment friendly.

With the introduction of lead-free low-smoke halogen-free wires to the market, we are moving towards the goal of taking less from the world even as we move progress onward. With continued efforts and support, it is our firm belief that this global goal will be met.
The Commitment to Community (Corporate Citizenship)
Phelps Dodge Philippines Energy Products Corporation is committed to giving back to the communities in which we all live and work. In the spirit of corporate citizenship and as part of our corporate values, we respect and strictly adhere to local laws and regulations and support local institutions wherever we are able.

Corporate Strength

Corporate Strengths
Designing Tomorrow’s Progress Today: Innovations that work

Phelps Dodge Philippines Energy Products Corporation is more than just a company. It is a collective success of the talents, efforts, and dedication of our people and the quality systems and machinery in place in our manufacturing plant. Together, we proudly innovate to develop products and solutions that deliver safety, reliability and durability. We are always on the lookout for new technology to help propel our country to the progress of tomorrow.

At Phelps Dodge Philippines Energy Products Corporation, we consider our people our partners in success. This spirit of working together towards a shared goal allows us to strive for bigger and better wins every time to continue moving the industry forward.

Driven by this commitment to its people, Phelps Dodge Philippines continuously develops the skills and talents of all its employees, intending to help them become well-rounded individuals. It conducts extensive training on management and technical skills and values and spiritual seminars, safety training, sports and fitness activities, and social and healthcare programs that benefit all.
The Tarlac Plant
The Phelps Dodge Philippines Tarlac Plant is the manufacturing hub of the company’s wire and cable products. Equipped with the technology that allows Phelps Dodge Philippines to operate efficiently and at world-class levels, the Tarlac Plant counts among its facilities:

- The only continuous Cast Vulcanizing line in the Philippines, world-class automotive wire extrusion lines, highly productive THHN lines equipped with state-of-the-art multiwire drawing, high-speed stranding, and computer aided extrusion machines with in-line packaging that allows for faster product processing.

-The lean Manufacturing System that allows faster production cycle time and just-in-time delivery to customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As Phelps Dodge Philippines Energy Products Corporation strives for innovation and safety as a company, we also traverse our commitment to a better quality of life by supporting various units in our community through various charitable activities and programs.

From sponsoring activities that go all the way to the barangay level to cooperative efforts in partnerships with various local institutions, PDE has reinforced housing developments for the poor by providing cable products and participating in community nutrition projects, community clinics, and income-generating activities. PDE is also a partner in the Gawad Kalinga (GK) projects, having donated TW wires to GK housing projects in Quezon and Bicol, helping make available to the various GK sites high-quality wires at special prices.

As the year 2020 became a year of challenges, some provinces also experienced one typhoon after another, ravaging the regions of Bicol and North and Central Luzon. These typhoons left millions of people affected and many without homes.

In this moment of need, PDE rose to the occasion by donating financial assistance to various partners who organized relief operations to the communities battered by the typhoons. It donated P500T to A. Soriano Foundation and participated in the relief operations in Cagayan organized by one of the Company’s dealers in North Luzon. The relief operations visited and distributed essential goods to different barangays in Cagayan, and PDE also donated 100 hygiene kits for 100 families in Bicol and another 100 kits for 100 families in Northern Luzon through Habitat for Humanity, amounting to P1.77M.

For the long-term, the Company is also looking at supporting Habitat for Humanity’s housing projects in the same areas.


Benedict Gabay
Quezon City

Matibay at maaasahan ang Phelps Dodge, walang nagiging problema sa lahat ng ginawa ko

Gary Pata
Commonwealth QC

Magandang klase talaga ang Phelps Dodge pagdating sa mga electrical wiring. Sa tagal ko ng electrician, marami na rin akong iba't-ibang klase ng wires na nasubukan pero sa PD lang ako nagandahan. PD din ang lagi kong ginagamit sa mga project at recommended ko ito sa mga clients ko dahil alam ko na may assurance ang tibay ng wire ng PD. The best talaga para sakin ang PD.

Christian Aquino
PD Electrician

Phelps Dodge is the number 1 trusted brand! Subok na at maaasahan ang kalidad at safety kaya ito talaga ang ginagamit ko. I highly recommend this brand sa mga clients ko.

Arjay P. Calubaquib
Angono Rizal

Ang pagiging electrician ay ang aking napiling larangan dahil ito ay minana ko pa sa aking Tatay at mga naging mentor. Kapag Phelps Dodge wire ang gamit ko panatag at subok nayan kapag ito ang gamit ko. Once may project PD wire agad ang inaalok ko sa kanila, safe at investment na din kasi ito when it comes sa mga pundar at ari-arian.

Buenaventura L. Lagahan III
Marikina City

Kumpyansa po ako sa quality ng gawa ko dahil Phelps Dodge po ang gamit ko. Pati si client ko mahihimbing na ng tulog.

Blas Ogardo Jr.

Simula ng makapag-seminar ako sa Phelps Dodge at malaman ko ang mga magagandang kalidad ng Phelps Dodge wire, ito na po ang laging ginagamit ko sa aking mga trabaho dahil alam kong di ako mapapahiya sa aking mga kliyente.

Kier John Alba

Nagsimula ako gumamit ng Phelps Dodge taong 2018. Nalaman ko ang impormasyon tungkol sa PD nang makasama ako ng ilang beses sa mga seminars nito at plant tour. Simula noon, napaniwala na ako sa ganda at quality ng PD kung kaya't ito na ang wire brand na palaging gamit ko at recommended sa mga electrical works.

John Manuel Tolentino
Rodriguez, Rizal

Maliit man or malaki ang aming proyekto isang brand lang ng wire ang nirerecommend ko ang Phelps Dodge. Subok na matibay at maasahan, ang Phelps Dodge kasi ay virgin copper ang gamit at double insulation pa. Kung tama ang pag-iinstall siguradong walang sunog na manggagaling mula sa kuryente

Jun Obispo
Daraga Albay

Matagal ko na ginagamit ang PhelpsDodge sa aking mga project. Nagustuhan ko sya dahil sa kanyang MAGANDA at MAASAHAN NA QUALITY.

Efren M. Oliquiano
Registered Master Electrician - Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Sa 16 years kong pagiging electrician, nakagamit na rin ako ng ibang brand ng wire pero ang Phelps Dodge, iba tlaga ang quality. Subok na ng panahon at higit sa lahat madali ipasok sa conduit. Napapagaan ang trabaho kapag Phelps Dodge na wire ang gagamitin. Highly recommended ko talaga ang Phelps Dodge!

Ferdinand Delos Santos
IIEE National Registered Master Electrician Affairs and Electrician's Academy Committee Chairman 2020 to 2022, Valenzuela City

Guarantee safe talaga ang cable ng Phelps Dodge kahit saan mo gamitin at idaan or palusutin. Kahit sa cable trench, cable tray, hanging wires at siguradong madaling hatakin dahil kapit na kapit, tamang sukat dahil hindi makapal for ampacity of wires dahil sa insulation nito na very safe ang condition ng kable at alam mong ligtas gamitin basta Phelps Dodge.

Herbert Bobis Artiaga


Arturo Felices
Electrician and Installer | Member, Cavite Electrician Masters Association Inc. (CEMAI)

Madaling gamitin ang Phelps Dodge na wire lalo na sa paglalagay sa loob ng pipe at mas napapadali ang trabaho naming mga electrician, lalo po kung may deadline ang gawa.

Frank Facistol Saavedra
Electrician | Las Pinas City

Garantisado at subok na sa quality at talagang lifetime investment ang Phelps Dodge wires sa maraming project na ginawa namin mapa-high rise building, commercial, residential at industrial projects. Eto lang ang wire na pumasa sa lahat ng testing.

Juan Palao
Accredited Electrician | Cebeco Electric Cooperative 3 | Toledo City, Cebu

Daghang Salamat!

Neil Arendain
Unified Electrical Workers and Student Trainee of the Philippines – RPM Chapter | Antipolo, Rizal

Sa 8 years ko bilang electrician, Phelps Dodge lang talaga ang subok at maasahan kong wire. Walang kakaba-kaba at buo ang kompyansa. Walang pera at buhay ang masasayang.

Mr. & Mrs. Bayson
Home Owners

Yung aming kuryente, talagang ginagawa kong investment namin. Hanggang sa ngayon, ‘yan ang aming ginagamit.

Peter Boy Acidre Labido
Electrician | BNJ Electrical & Auxiliary Services | Antipolo, Rizal

Sa 15 years ko po ng pagiging electrician and 5 years bilang isang contractor, talagang Phelps Dodge ang ginagamit ko! Subok ko na pong maaasahan at mapagkakatiwalaan.

Arch. Regie
of Architect Manila

I specify your brand in my specs. I do this because we consider your products to be of good quality, this was taught to me since I was a young architect and it has not changed since then.

Perfecto Austria Mabalot
JVG Electrical and Electronics Services | Orani, Bataan | Phelps Dodge user for 25 years

I use Phelps Dodge wires because of quality and durability, and for safety. Tested ko na ‘to for so many years in my every project.

Ismael Anfone & Eulisis Yramis
Electricians | Negros Occidental Electric Cooperative | Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental

Mahimbing ang aming tulog after every project dahil sigurado kami sa quality ng wires na ginamit namin.